Art in Virtual Reality

One thing I’m very passionate about is experimenting at the intersection between Art and Technology.  Technology, like virtual reality has allowed me to expand reach for artists, enabling people to experience the quality of an art work regardless of location or time. Here are a few projects where I was involved in design art spaces in virtual reality.

VR • Desktop
Captured Nouns X TayoJR

In August 2020, Captured Nouns partnered with Tayo Jr., a prominent photographer and creative director, to exhibit his most recent captivating project “E Pluribus Unum” in virtual reality. 

Melrose Market Studio provided their space to be transformed into a 3D tour by technology company Lensitstudio. As the only designer I worked with Lensitstudio to implement a way for Tayo’s fans to buy the prints directly from the VR experience.

VR • Oculus • Mobile • Desktop
Captured Nouns X Spatial Cinematics

In 2019, my company Captured Nouns partnered with Spatial Cinematics to launch Workroom VR for Artists. The workroom virtual reality showroom is a virtual room that allows for up to 11 digital photographs to be uploaded for viewing. The user is capable of entering a virtual environment through the use of Oculus headset, desktop computer, and mobile phone. The compatibility across various devices allows for many different users to still experience virtual reality. I focused on providing UX Strategy through this project.